Tantra Male Self Massage

This first class, erotic encounter is your very own private and luxurious oasis where you can relax and unwind. Reserved for the respectful gentleman who is ready to experience and learn the art of sacred intimacy. Release your inhibitions and allow me to guide you through this slow, sensual and erotic massage that will transport you into a heavenly dimension, creating a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy throughout your whole body. If you had any tension or stress before the massage experience you will begin to completely forget about it the moment I welcome you into the session, and put you at ease with my calm, sweet and loving demeanor.

Close the door to the outside world and immerse yourself in this spiritual practice of sacred intimacy by worshiping the divinity in each other through loving energy exchange of eye gazing, breath work and meditation. Indulge in this spiritual practice of self pleasure by celebrating your own divinity as I guide you through slow and gentle sensual self touch and erotic self massage to hold a space for spiritual and sexual awakening.

A sacred space is prepared preceding the ritual to form an alter of worship. Then the tantra ritual commences by performing a short honor ritual to set the intentions followed by further sacred and loving energy exchanges in order to awaken and raise the kundalini, the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine as we connect our energy bodies before spiritually connecting our physical bodies to one another.
Once these energies have merged and woven into each other finding a comfortable place, the sensual touch is initiated as a slow and gentle path into the erotic segment of the ritual.

Then I'll lovingly guide you through the erotic segment, generating a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria throughout the mind and body. Going slow and taking in each divine moment, a lose-yourself sensation takes over as I guide you deeper and deeper and higher and higher until the most incredible peek of heightened sensations is achieved.
Then, slowly, softly, gently and lovingly the ritual comes to a closing, taking time to savor the last moments of this beautiful, divine energy. Manifesting a special sacred bond between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, where space and time has no limits.

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Session Preparations

Before making a reservation for The Tantra Male Self Massage Session on Live Video you will want to ensure that you are prepared for the session. Please note that if you are not completely prepared for the session when it commences the session will still continue as scheduled.


These preparation instruction are suggestions. If you prefer to leave out any part of the preparations you may.


1. You have the option to have your session on either WhatsApp or Skype. Make sure to let me know when you make your reservation which one you choose and which device you are using.

2. Download app and add me

3. Make sure that your device is securely mounted, hands free.

  • Test out the space where you will be sitting during the session and place your phone, laptop or webcam so that you can clearly see me and I can clearly see you.

  • Note that in the beginning of the session you will be sitting straight up in lotus pose with your legs crossed and for the massage you will be sitting back in a comfortable position so when testing the camera angle you will want to ensure it captures both positions and if not can be easily adjusted.

  • If need be you can purchase a tripod etc.

Items You Will Need

  • 2 large towels

  • 1 hand towel

  • 2 face towels

  • Candles and/or soft light (dark enough to create a sensual ambiance but light enough that I can see you.

  • A separate device to play music on, or if you prefer to not play any music that's fine too.

  • Coconut oil preferably or some other natural oil (try and refrain from using synthetic oils with synthetic aromas. If you prefer not to use oil you may skip this for the body massage part of the session and for the lingam massage you may use lubricant, preferably natural.

Sacred Space

1. Find a comfortable place where you can both sit up with your legs crossed and also stretch your legs out.
2. You can use blankets and pillows to make the space more comfortable
3. Place the large towels on the area where you will be laying back to avoid getting oil on the area.
4. If the coconut oil is hard place it in a water bath - a large bowl of hot water.
5. Set the lighting.
6. Turn on the music on your separate device which I will provide a link to when you make a reservation.
7. Place the hand towel, the face cloths and the massage oil next to the area where you will be.
8. Set up the camera.

Commencing The Session
1. Undress so that you are completely nude and if you wish you made also wrap a towel around your wast until you feel more comfortable.
2. Sit in lotus position with your legs crossed or a way that is most comfortable for you.
3. When it’s time for the session the commence call me using the app and device agreed upon.

Legal Notice: It’s important to note that any type of recording of the session is strictly prohibited. If I become the aware that the session is being recorded, the session will end immediately, you will not be issued a refund and will not be allowed to make another reservation either live or in person. If I become aware that the session was recorded and made public legal action will be taken.

In this session I will guide you through a journey of passionately erotic intimacy and self discovery. • Both of us are nude • Om Mega Tantra® Lovers Intimacy Ritual •...
30m Gold Tantra Male Self Massage
30 min

Legal: This website is for entertainment purposes only and contains services with sexually explicit material. You must be at least 18 years of age to book and/or pay for any service on this site.

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